Artwork- BANKSY - my favourite rebel artist

credit for the picture above – Banksy

nothing rings truer today than the proverb “AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” 

a bloody friggin elephant in the room….


a letter to Ardeshir Cowasjee

Dated: September 17, 2007

Dear Sir, 

I would love to have started the email by saying I sift through the papers searching for your editorial, but alas the times are of electronic communication, and I surrender. Not only do I sift through electronic pages of DAWN for your words, I have also now turned to communicating with you on email. The latter of course is because I find no postal address under your writings. My mother, who is a lover of words, laments over this loss of ink blots on paper and fingers alike – yet she too composes her books, writings, poetry and other scribbles on her desktop computer, so that she can fit in as many words a day as she can to soothe many of her pains. 

I feel a sycophantic sentence forming and I guess I’ll let it. I’m a great admirer of your writings and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times plus more. But I find inspiration in your writings. I used to write when I used to get angry about anything. Now I’m usually occupied with being angry with my people and my nation. Your editorial today was a spot on analysis of all that is a blatant mockery of political principles, civil rights, life and existence in Pakistan that is just living but not breathing. 

I was always politically aware and tried many times to spark up a debate with people at school and college. No one wanted to talk, or had enough ammo to fire up the conversation with. The rest just thought I was naïve, which was something I had heard from many since I was a little child. Now I’m not that much older or wiser but having entered the first-quarter of a century in my life cycle I feel entitled to abuse the ‘-century’ addition to my age. I work at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan – and I feel more desperate than ever. Knowing and seeing and reading all that is wrong and all that is being let to happen is so much more frustrating.  

I wish more and more people could get moved by words – so that I could believe that words had the power to do so not very long ago and that it could happen again; so I could believe that mere poetry could rouse sleeping souls and honest slogans could jar even the most oblivious ones. I wish I could lead a rebellion but all I can do is talk and paint and gesture wildly.   

A relatively new but faithful Reader, 

Saira ******


So the badly written but immensely interesting farce continues. The little pigs continue their game of dodging the enemy or trying a hand at a ‘deal’ with each other or getting kicked back into exile. And since we call ourselves a pig-free nation I think all the pigs should follow suit and just leave. In this case I think the three little pigs (nawaz sharif, benazir, musharraf) and the wolf (being a general enemy of all things sane and normal) should settle in with the treacherous king pig altaf in London and stay there. Since Britain seems to be keen on giving refuge to idiotic, retarded and sometimes vicious politicians I think they wouldn’t mind taking in some more. The more the merrier for them I say!


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W E ’ R E    K I C K I N G    A S S

Bush - Dumb and Dumber. Courtesy the web

sometimes i really really reaaallly dont know if George W Bush is real or a very long reigning joke played on the world.

Here, my lovelies, you’ll find the latest Bushism:

Bush on Iraq: ‘We’re kicking ass’

please don’t forget to read the comments below. some of them are pretty hilarious and depressing at the same time.


I loved the movie and would kill to own this baby! the balance, the transformation both ways and the stable walk are fun but awesome physics at work.

most of the stuff available is really kiddish and im sure i cant get my hands on one of these…so..

i’ll just sit and admire this great ‘toy’ in the video above.